Evgenii Varfolomeev


Fiction books

  1. H. Böll. Billard um halb zehn (Billiards at Half-past Nine) [in Russian] (pdf, 1.1 b). Comment >>
  2. H. Böll. Ansichten eines Clowns (The Clown) [in Russian] (pdf, 0.9 b). Comment >>
  3. H. Böll. Haus ohne Hüter (House without Guardians) [in Russian] (pdf, 1.1 b). Comment >>

  4. A. Camus. L'Etranger (The Stranger) [in Russian] (pdf, 0.3 b). Comment >>

  5. A. Clarke. 2001: A Space Odyssey [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  6. A. Clarke. 2010: Odyssey Two [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  7. A. Clarke. 2061: Odyssey Three [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  8. A. Clarke. 3001: The Final Odyssey [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).

  9. Ph. Dick. The Man in the High Castle [in Russian] (pdf, 1.0 b). Comment >>

  10. L. Feuchtwanger. Die Sohne (The Jews of Rome) [in Russian] (pdf, 1.5 b). Comment >>
  11. L. Feuchtwanger. Der Tag wird kommen (The day will come) [in Russian] (pdf, 1.2 b). Comment >>

  12. J. Flavius. The Jewish War [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  13. E. Hemingway. Green Hills of Africa. Novels [in Russian] (pdf, 1.2 b). Comment >>
  14. A. Lazarchuk. Princess Otrada between fame and death [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).

  15. V. Nabokov. The gift [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  16. V. Nabokov. The Luzhin defense [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  17. V. Nabokov. Camera obscura [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  18. V. Nabokov. King, queen, knave [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  19. V. Nabokov. Mary [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).
  20. V. Nabokov. Despair [in Russian] (pdf: a4, e-book).

Science and education books

  1. J.H. Ahlberg, E.N. Nilson, J.L. Walsh. The Theory of Splines and Their Applications [in Russian]. Mir: Moscow, 1972 (djvu, 5.9 b)
  2. A.Yu. Kolesov, E.F. Mishchenko, N.Kh. Rozov. Asymptotic Methods for Investigation of Parabolic Nonlinear Equations [in Russian]. Proceedings of the Steklov Mathematical institute, v. 222. Nauka: Moscow, 1998 (djvu, 4.9 b)
  3. J.-L. Lions, E. Magenes. Non-Homogeneous Boundary Value Problems and Their Applications [in Russian]. Mir: Moscow, 1971 (djvu, 3.1 b)
  4. R.N. Pichugina. Upper Divizion Italian Language Course [in Russian]. Vyshaya Shkola: Moscow, 1984 (djvu, 5.7 b)
  5. D.H. Sattinger. Topics in Stability and Bifurcation Theory [in English]. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, v. 309. Springer: BerlinHeidelbergNew York, 1973 (djvu, 2.9 b)
  6. S. Singh. The Code Book: The Evolution of Secrecy from Mary, Queen of Scots to Quantum Cryptography [in Russian]. AST, Astrel: Moscow, 2007. (djvu, 10.2 b)

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On this page, I store some electronic books which I have created from different sources. The selection of books is casual. I remember the time when I prefered to read printed books and used electronic versions only when hard copies were not available. However, today I'm totally charmed by the freedom that a pocket e-book reader gives to me.

I found some of the books in the Internet as texts, and then composed PDF-files from them. For this, I used the LaTeX publishing system. After work with LaTeX, I couldn't read texts of non-polygraphic quality (not looking "as a real book"), that's why I did this. Besides, I corrected a lot of text recognition mistakes while reading. Since I have started reading books in the FB2 format, I'm not likely to continue this work.

The other books are scanned by me and then transformed to the DJVU format. (Here is a free program for reading DJVU-files.)

Finally, I downloaded some books from the internet in the DJVU format, but for comfort reading I had to remove all the artifacts of scanning and then recompose a DJVU-file again, adding the text recognition as well.

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