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"In the Hut"

Russian song about love surviving the war. Written in 1942, it is well known to anyone who had ever heard russian songs of World War II. Maybe it is the best war song of love. For some reason I translated it into english. The translation is almost word-by-word, it keeps the rhythm of song, but the rhyme is gone.

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В землянке   In the Hut

To my wife Irina

Бьется в тесной печурке огонь,
На поленьях смола как слеза.
И поет мне в землянке гармонь
Про улыбку твою и глаза.

Про тебя мне шептали кусты
В белоснежных полях под Москвой.
Я хочу, чтобы слышала ты,
Как тоскует мой голос живой.

Ты сейчас далеко-далеко,
Между нами снега и снега.
До тебя мне дойти нелегко,
А до смерти четыре шага.

Пой, гармоника, вьюге назло!
Заплутавшее счастье зови...
Мне в холодной землянке тепло
От моей негасимой любви.
  Fire cannot escape from the stove,
Warming up, melting tears from the wood.
And accordion sings in the hut
About your smile and your beautiful eyes.

Bushes whisper only your name
When I roam in fields under snow.
I just wish you could hear my voice,
How it's yearning and longing alive.

You are so far away, far away,
So much snow between you and me.
It's not easy to reach back to you,
It is only one second to die.

Sing accordion to spite snowstorm!
Call the happiness lost on the way...
In the cold hut I feel like I'm warm,
Warm of love ever-burning in me.

14 February 2008

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