"Computerra"-Offline Project

This is a script that downloads all latest articles from the "Computerra" website and puts them on a single HTML-page. It is very simple to use.

Download all "Computerra"

Just go to the "Computerra" website and replace the address http://www.computerra.ru in the browser address bar by the text from the file ct_offline.js. Press Enter.

The script downloads all articles (except archived) groupped by sections. When you visit the "Computerra" website next time and run the script, then it will download only latest articles that were not downloaded last time. If you want to retrieve all articles once again, just clear the history of visited pages in your brouser.

Very useful thing is to create a bookmark with the text of the script as URL. To run the script, just go to the "Computerra" website and there click on this bookmark.

Compatibility. Brouser Opera is preferred; older versions of Chrome and Firefox worked fine, but their latest versions for security reasons don't allow to check visited links, so they would retrieve both old and latest articles each time. Internet Explorer cannot run the script because in Internet Explorer the length of URL is restricted by 2047 symbols while the script is longer. Some brousers don't handle line-breaks in the address bar; then use ct_offline_nr.js without line-breaks.

Generated HTML-page can be saved of printed. Also, you can convert it into PDF to read in your eBook.

Produce PDF-file

You'll need free PDFCreator (or some other program working as virtual printer into PDF, e.g., Adobe Acrobat) and brouser Opera.

Just open the generated HTML-file in Opera, send it to the virtual printer PDFCreator and configure this printer for the custom page size 75 mm by 100 mm.

Compatibility. Brouser Opera is required. It can justify sizes of images to the page size. I didn't find such a feature in other brousers. Latest version of Opera is preferred because older versions throw errors during printing almost every time. If your eBook has a screen ratio other than 3:4, then adjust the page size 75 mm by 100 mm accordingly. The greater you set the page size, the smaller would be font on the screen of your eBook. When PDFCreator would for the first time ask you to save PDF-file, configure its PDF properties for better quality of images and save settings.

Sample of PDF-file for eBook can be found here.


The design of the "Computerra" website is modified sometimes, so the script may stop working. I'll try to update the script.

Please, feel free to send your questions, notes, and improved versions of the script to eugene.varfolomeyev@gmail.com.