3D-Model of Moscow Metro

Scale*: 1 cm = 12.3 km (horizontal), 8 m (depth)



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Moscow Metro is a subway system. This 3D-model is built using public information on geographic coordinates of stations and their depths. Latitudes and longitudes of stations are evaluated into local coordinates with origin in the «zero kilometer point» in the center of Moscow. Depths of stations are displayed taking into account local heights of ground surface above sea level. Thus, the model indicates real positions of stations in 3D space taking into account the terrain. The scale of depths is magnified times compared to the scale of flat coordinates.


The model is written in JavaScript and uses CSS3. It works in almost all versions of Chrome, Firefox*, Internet Explorer** starting from IE9, Opera***, Safari. It is rotated with the left mouse button pressed and scaled with the right mouse button. Click to select lines (hold Ctrl for multiple select).


There are earlier reference programs for Windows that display metro maps of various cities around the world and calculate routes between stations: pMetro (Boris Muradov, 2003–2011) — there are 3D models of stations and maps with depths, maps are regularly updated; MMetro (Konstantin Shtennikov, 1999–2008); other projects can be found here and here. However, they do not show the 3D model of the subway in the form I wanted to see.


  1. «Yandex.Maps» and Open Data Portal of Moscow City Government — geographic coordinates of stations.
  2. «The tunnels depth and stations structure scheme of Moscow Metro (Subway)» (by Alexey Goncharov) and «List of Moscow Metro stations» (Wikipedia) — depths of stations.
  3. Google Earth and Open-Elevation API — local heights of ground surface above sea level.
  4. «New Moscow Metro» (Facebook) — latest news and intersting facts on construction of Moscow Metro.


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