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Sixth International Conference on Differential and Functional Differential Equations

I worked at the Organizing Committee. Preparations took almost a year. For me, it was third conference in which I participated as organizer.

14.08.2011 — 21.08.2011


So much news for two months! Photo-report about all our achievements.

14.12.2008 — 14.02.2008

My son!

We have him born on 14 October, 2008. He took away our sleep and changed our life forever :)

20.10.2008 — 25.11.2008


He is our french buldog. He made us pay for certain repairs, but still he is the best dog in the world!

September 2007 — June 2008


Visit to Ruprecht-Karl's University, Heidelberg, Germany, 5-26 November, 2007.

This is an old university town with a rich history known since 13-14th century. I lived there in the hotel situated in the oldest residential building in the town. The most unforgetable 3 weeks in my life...

5.11.2007 — 26.11.2007

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