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War History

This page contains the documentary matherials conserning the World War II. I have collected them in the internet for a long time.

I'm far from popularization of war. I believe that we must not forget about what happened then, and we should remember about those who gave their lives, no matter under what flag they fought.

Documentary photos collected here let you to see at first hand what it was like, and to look into the eyes of those who was involved in this. These matherials contain no more cruelty than one can see in a modern action film. But looking at this, we should remember the most important thing: it's not a film. It was real.

War at Pacific Ocean

The war between USA an Japan started on 7 December 1941 when japanese carier aviation attacked the american military base at Pearl-Harbor, and ended on 2 September 1945 by capitulation of Japan.

Japan was forced to begin the war because USA blocked all the fuel supply to Japan as an answer to Japan's support of Germany.

It was the war of fleets, and the main role was played by carries. Americans took every single island by storm with heavy tolls. When they realized that only the storm of Okinawa will cost up to one million of lives, they dropped atomic bombs on Hirosima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945.

War in Europe

The truth about war (if it exists) is hidden under thousands pages of historical investigations and memoirs. The generally accepted opinion about the war always belongs to the winners. Winners are not criticized — there is no one to do this. Only losers are judged. But mass bombing was actively used by all the parties for the purpose of terror of civil citizens. The winner just did this better.

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